3 Songs that will Put a Smile on Your Face

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Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend spending it with loved ones or enjoying some well-deserved relaxing time. Irrespective to how you spent the weekend, I am sure that everyone is sad that this long weekend is over. So, to cheer you up and get you pumped up for the 4-day week (yay!) here are 3 up-beat and happy songs that I have been listening to all weekend!

Check them out and let me know what you think!

1. Weekend Millionaires – Katelyn Tarver

This girl used to be on Nickelodeon and I discovered some of her songs about 5 years ago but since then she hadn’t really done anything new (oh except for getting married) until now! Anyhow, I really like the song.

2. Nobody Love – Tori Kelly

This girl has an incredible voice. She is another artist who I have followed for years. A friend of mine introduced me to her song All in My Head and I was hooked as soon as I heard it. From there I was addicted to her voice and her songs, also including YouTube covers. Either way you definitely need to check out her music. This year she finally released her new single Nobody Love and it is amazing. I mean that riff at 2:34 is just incredible. Oh and the lyric video is so cute.

3. About You Now – Sugababes

So this one is a throwback to 2007 but I still love it! I was having a girly movie night with my friends in the weekend and we decided to watch Wild Child (2008) and this song plays in one of my favourite scenes. Ever since, I have been replaying this song while dancing around my house. It puts you in such a good mood, so press play and embrace the happiness!

Hopefully blasting these songs in the morning will help you be ready for the wonderful week I hope you have!

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Do you have any other songs that put you in a good mood? Post them in the comments below and share them with everyone? 🙂

Love to all ❤

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