5 things 12-year old Tom Hanks Taught Me

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My favourite thing about movies is the message behind them and how they inspire you. Those movies that leave you feeling enriched and full of thoughts are the best kinds of movies.

The movie, Big (1988), featuring Tom Hanks was on TV the other day and it reminded me of the best things about being a kid.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, Big is about a young boy who makes a wish at a magical machine to be big. The next morning he wakes up in the body of a full-grown adult. However his mind is still that of a child. With the help of his (still little) best friend, he attempts to live the life of a grown man. 

There’s this one great scene where the main girl, Susan, dumps her boyfriend for Tom Hank’s character, Josh. Feeling down, the dumped boyfriend asks “what is so special about Josh?” she says “he is a grown up”. We often consider “being childish” a negative thing, and I feel that it is because many people behave in ways that remind us of the negative sides of kids, throwing tantrums, not thinking things through etc.

But the truth is, there are many good sides of children that we lose when we grow up that I believe we shouldn’t forget about. So many characteristics of kids are so valuable and make them so love-able and Tom Hanks, well his character, reminded me of this in the movie. Somehow, this 12 year old kid, becomes the senior executive in a company, gets the girl, and is loved by so many people around him. So, I decided to write down the 5 things this 12-year old inspired me to remember in my daily life. 

1. Kids are curious, they want to understand everything that is happening. They don’t just do what the boss says because he says so, he wants to know why? and if he doesn’t get something he continuous to question it until he fully comprehends it. We should all be less passive and take initiative, show interest, and ask questions. .

2. Everything is simple to a kid, they don’t over-think, worry, over-complicate things. Sometimes I think we forget as adults, to just enjoy the moment and not to worry or over-think every detail. and yes,  I realise this sounds an awful lot like YOLO, but think about it, the most YOLO people I know are kids. They climb trees and break their arm, does that stop them for climbing the next tree? Never.

3. For my fellow marketers, in the company he works at that designs toys, Josh kills a high up market researchers idea. Despite the continuous focus groups, statistics the researcher comes up with, Josh’s first reaction is “but what is the fun in that? How is that exciting?”. As a 12-year old, he is basically a consumer, and that is something we need to do more often. Think the way customers do; put yourselves in their shoes.

4. Friends and family are so important. Towards the end of the movie Josh watches various groups of friends spend time together, playing with leaves, sports, taking photos, shopping, and he is reminded that among all the work, seriousness in his life, friends are important too. Money, reputation can only bring you so much in life. Eventually Josh just wants to go home and hang out with his buddy.

5. Kids remember to have fun. It is as simple as that. Sometimes I feel that we get so caught up in our busy lives and schedules that we forget how important it is to just take some time to be with friends, play games and just laugh. Enjoy life. Spend it with the right people. Have fun.  If you have never seen the movie Big I would definitely recommend it! It is an old movie but still a classic with many famous scenes. If you still aren’t convinced you can check out the trailer here:

Do you ever feel like you grew up too fast? Do you feel like you lost these childish characteristics? Let me know in the comments below what you think about the movie and my afterthoughts.  and as always, follow me!  Twitter @Lydia_Yeh or Instagram Lydia921.

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Love to all! ❤ 

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