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Hey there! So it is exam time for me again but I am almost done (I can’t wait). Around exam time I have a tendency to listen to slow tempo songs that are sometimes a little sad. Oh and Disney songs, I find that those are great for studying!Anyway, I am sure you all know most of the Disney songs, so in this week’s song recommendations I wanted to share some of those calmer songs I have recently been listening to with you.

I find that sometimes the most beautiful songs are those with the most emotions. 

  1. Smoke n’ Mirrors – Syd Youth

I really love this song and the way the 3 voices flow together. I tried google-ing Syd Youth and surprisingly couldn’t find much. However, I did see that they recently released an EP Maya and although the other tracks are quite different to this one, they are pretty good. In short, they are a girl group to look out for!

  1. Say You Love Me – Jessie Ware

I heard this song in a playlist on Spotify and I just really love the rhythm and Jessie’s voice, especially in the chorus.

  1. Try – Colbie Caillat

This song is almost a year old but I only recently discovered it. The lyrics have a really powerful message for girls around the world and I think it is worth sharing.

  1. Let it Go – James Bay

You may know James’ latest single, Hold back the river which is amazing. While watching Grey’s Anatomy the other day, this song came on and I instantly loved it.

  1. Volcano – Emily Hearn

I also heard this song on Grey’s Anatomy, what can I say, they have great music. Anyway, this song is another example of a beautifully sad song.

  1. Flashlight – Jessie J

Pitch Perfect 2 is coming out soon and I am crazy excited. This is the first song released from the movie and although it isn’t acapella it is a really touching track. The lyrics and the video in particular really speak to me at the moment. In 8 weeks I will (hopefully) be done with my education and I will be leaving a place I have called home for 4 years and probably also the people I have come to love and cherish. Those people, my friends are my flashlight.  


On that note, I am off to finish studying so I can actually graduate this year.

Have a wonderful week and I hope you enjoy my song recommendations of the week. If you know any other good songs I would love to hear them in the comments below!

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Love to all ❤

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