From a Monster’s Point of View – Dracula Untold Review


Dracula Untold. When I first saw the trailer for this movie a while back, I was immediately excited to see it. I love movies where the “villain” (although Dracula was not the antagonist in this movie) has a story behind why they are evil. I prefer understandable bad guys over those villains who simply like to be evil. Anyhoozles, I also quite like the supernatural so I  must say my expectations for the movie were high. Needless to say, some expectations were exceeded, others not quite so.

In this movie, the story is told of how and why Dracula became who he was (or is, as some people like to believe). In short, he has good intentions in that he wants to save his people and more importantly, his family. I really liked this plot and how it was written. However, I felt the tempo of the movie was slightly inconsistent. Certain scenes seemed unnecessarily long and over-dramatic whereas others went by so fast you could barely keep up with what was happening.

Despite this, I felt that the acting was done extremely well. In particular, I have now become a huge fan of Luke Evans. I enjoyed seeing him in The Hobbit but this movie gave me a better insight into his skills and I was impressed (and not just because of his abs). I felt that he fit the role of Dracula really well and developed his character nicely over the movie in such a way that I really empathized with him. I also really liked Art Parkinson who played his son (Ingeras). Although his role was not huge, I enjoyed all his scenes.

The cinematography was incredibly well done. All the effects were realistic and simply said, beautiful. This was also emphasized by the scenery in the movie which was stunning. One example of the special effects that I admire is every time Vlad transforms into Dracula the effects of his face changing is so nicely done. It isn’t just that he goes pale and he gets fangs but they change his entire facial look, and I think that makes it feel more realistic. Although I do feel that at certain points the effects could have been toned down a bit. At some scenes I felt overwhelmed with special effects. Don’t get me wrong, it was very cool to watch, but did make certain scenes confusing.

Overall, I really liked the movie and would recommend people to go see it. I may be slightly more critical, as I said, I did have high expectations! However, I was not disappointed.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think? Or do you also have any preconceptions about it? Let me know in the comments below!

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