London Life – One month later

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Hey guys,

I have now been in London for a little over a month! Man, does time fly. Anyway, I thought I would give you all a little update on what I have been up to here in the big city. Being the music lover that I am, I will be slipping in song recommendations in the middle of my post for you to check out too. So read and listen along 🙂

So I can’t talk about London and not include this song. It is a few years old now but it is still awesome and walking around I still find myself singing the song to myself.

Now, the main question is of course, what I am doing here?

The short answer is that I am looking for a job. The long answer is that I am trying to get into the creative/entertainment industry in the media centre of Europe: London!

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How am I doing this?

Other than the usual methods of online applications, visiting companies etc. I have also been trying to meet up with professionals in the industry to gain some advice – usually over coffee. These meetings are always really insightful and also really inspiring. It is probably also the biggest benefit to being in London.I have also been attending networking events for people in the industry and joining certain communities. If you are new to London and interested in film, I would recommend checking out Shooting People. It is a great community and resource!

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In the meantime, I have currently found two part-time jobs so I can pay my bills and cover costs in this expensive city. One is at an ice-cream store and the other is a tutoring centre. Now that things are more settled and I am staying on a more long-term basis, I have been getting more involved in things and the past week has been full of adventures, memories and fun 🙂 

Last week this beautiful lady came to visit me and together we celebrated her birthday  by visiting Borough market, Tower of London. 

Eating yummy food, playing board games in a pub, walking around exploring, and just having a good time! 

On Thursday, one of my wishes came true and I got to see 5 Seconds of Summer live at their concert Sounds Live Feels Live and it was so amazing!

Not only were the performances incredible but the crowd was so good and I met some really awesome people! Also, I got to meet and talk briefly to Mali-Koa who I also love!

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In fact, you can check out her cover of How deep is your love here: 

She is releasing new and original music this year so I am definitely excited about that! After the concert, my new friends who I met at the concert, and I decided to go on a crazy adventure and ended up staying up until 5am in Soho. It was crazy cold and tiring but totally worth the experience because it is a night I will never forget! Plus we had pizza!


Aside from these crazy adventures, I also survived my first few shifts at my new jobs and so far they have been great! I ended my week with “old” friends and, as all Englishmen do, with drinks in the pub. 


All in all, I am meeting so many cool people, experiencing new things, and basically making great memories while trying to accomplish my dream! It definitely isn’t easy and the weeks before this were crazy tough and stressful but luckily things worked out. If you are in that period of stress and hard work, don’t give up! Just keep trying, work harder, and you CAN make it through. I know it doesn’t seem like it at the time but persevere. Even if things don’t go as planned and you stumble across hundreds of hurdles, as long as you can get back up, keep trying!

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Love to all ❤  

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