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Happy Monday everyone! I hope your week started off well and if not well, don’t worry because tomorrow is the start of a new day again. To cheer you up here are some songs that I am in love with; hopefully you will enjoy them too! Oh, and don’t forget to SMILE today 😀 

1. Haunting – Halsey

You might recognize this artist because I mentioned her in my last music post inspired by the Originals  but I had to write about her again because I am so obsessed with her entire album BADLANDS (Deluxe). There is not one song I dislike so definitely check her out! 

2. Makeshift Love – Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte re-emerged a few weeks ago with a new song and its awesome. I also love the video because it actually has a story and a concept which is hard to find nowadays. 

3. Getaway – Mallory Knox

So this album is from a year ago but it is still their latest music. I recently discovered this band and I think they are pretty cool. Shout at the Moon is a pretty good song too… I guess just listen to the entire album Asymmetry. 

4. Wrong Place Wrong Time – DON BROCO

I discovered this band thanks to Spotify and I LOVE them. They are considered to have similar music to Mallory Knox but I still think they are a little bit different. Their album Automatic definitely deserves more attention because its amazing!

5. Suffer – Charlie Puth 

It felt like Charlie Puth came out of nowhere and is suddenly bringing hit after hit but he actually released a few tracks earlier in the year. One of these was this one which I think is a great song. Of course his most recent track One call away is nice too. Oh you would like to hear that too? Well here you go :

6. Boys Like You – Who Is Fancy (feat Meghan Trainor & Ariana Grande)

Warning: this song is very catchy. I listened to it a few times and all day I was singing the chorus so beware. Although it is also a really fun song to sing so why not?

7. No Pressure – Justin Bieber

The number of people who have approached me since Purpose was released telling me they can’t believe it but they actually love this album is insane. So many people have been shocked (some even horrified) that they like Justin Bieber’s music but it is no surprise because the album IS incredible. Every week my favourite track of the album changes but this is definitely one of them. 

8. Fly Away – 5 Seconds of Summer

9. Hands to Myself – Selena Gomez

When this album first came out I thought it was okay but that was kind of it. Selena is releasing a video for this song soon so I went back to listen to it and realized I actually really like it. Its upbeat and catchy. I also like the song Sober on her album Revival

10. Kiss Me Quick – Nathan Sykes

This song came out 6 months ago but I only recently got hooked on it. I love the instruments used in this song. It is so positive and just makes you want to dance in your chair. 

Bonus Song: Bang Bang Bang – Dorothy

I cannot believe I forgot this song in my top 10! But I am adding it now as a bonus. I heard it in the Originals (surprise surprise) but it is so so so good. Another underrated artist. 

Looking back at my list of songs, I realised they are quite different. Hopefully you discovered a new favourite song. Do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @theLydiareview etc. I love finding new music so don’t be shy!

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Love to all ❤ 

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