My Experience at Rock Werchter 2015


At the end of June, Enzo and I went to the festival Rock Werchter in Belgium for two nights and two days. It was our second time attending this festival and we got to see many different artists perform. So I thought I would write a short post about our 48 hours there and also release my FIRST VLOG.. yup, I have joined the vlogging crowd. It isn’t perfect but I think it gives a nice impression of our time there so check it out below!

The first time we went to Rock Werchter was in 2013. Then we stayed for the entire festival and camped the entire time. Looking back I don’t remember how I survived so long haha but it is definitely a unique and fun experience and I recommend trying it once in your life. Some tips for camping: don’t forget a torch, bring snacks (but avoid food that melts) and water, prepare to sleep on a hard surface (grass is not soft!), and bug spray can be a life-saver! 


One of my favourite parts about the festival other than the obvious fact that there is live music are the commercial booths around. The main sponsors often have a stand where you can do something usually related to photos. In the photo below the belgian telecom company would create badges for you with a photo and tag on:


This is another on by Spa where we made a jumping picture 😀


Of course, we got to see some really awesome performances. My favourite were Mumford & Sons, Pharrell, John Newman, and Hozier. Dotan seemed really cool but because of time clashes we only got to hear the last song. I was super excited for Sam Smith but unfortunately (along with various other artists), he cancelled due to sickness. That was a bummer because I am a huge fan of his and would have loved to see him live, but health comes first!


So without further ado [drum roll] my first vlog:

Hopefully I will make more videos throughout the year when exciting things happen hehe. I made many rookie mistakes (like vertical filming..) but it was fun and I aim to improve over time! If you have any tips or feedback I would love to hear them. 

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