My Favourite Performances from the Grammy Awards 2015

Last Sunday was the annual Grammy awards. An event where thousands of people in the music business come together to celebrate the greatest musical creations of the year! In other words, this year was a big party for Sam Smith! 

Just kidding.. kinda… 

Anyway, it is a huge honour to be asked to perform at the Grammy awards so every artist who does always tries to make it special and this year was no exception. All the performances were incredible. There was also a clear collaboration theme as almost every performance involved a surprising but cool duo or trio. So despite loving almost all of them, I picked out my favourite ones. Check them out here!

Katy Perry – By the Grace of God

I didn’t know this song before this performance but I really like it. Combined with the speech about domestic violence, it was a really moving performance. 

Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud (feat. John Mayer) 

When the presenter announced this performance, I thought I had heard wrong when John Mayer’s name was said. Although he didn’t sing much I thought it was really cool to see them perform together. 

Sam Smith ft. Mary J Blige – Stay with Me

As the star of the show, his performance was of course amazing. I mean, it’s Sam Smith… Unfortunately I could not find a good video of the performance but this is their version from his concert in London. 

Beyonce – Take My Hand Precious Lord

The Queen B never disappoints. I really liked that she didn’t sing one of her own songs but a beautiful hymn that also meant a lot to her. It was beautiful.  

Lady Gaga ft. Tony Bennett – Cheek to Cheek

This performance was a reminder to how good Lady Gaga’s voice is. So powerful and wonderful and Tony Bennett, well he is Tony Bennett. Can you believe he is 88? Incredible. 

Pharrell ft. Lang Lang – Happy 

When I first heard Pharrell was performing I thought “oh no not happy again” but I love the twist he did on it and I mean Lang Lang is so incredible. This was another example of an unexpectedly awesome duo performance. 

Rihanna ft. Kanye ft. Paul McCartney

Although this performance wasn’t mind-blowing or particularly different, I really love the song. Unfortunately I also couldn’t find the performance but the video isn’t much different. If you haven’t heard it yet, take a listen! It is my song recommendation of the week 🙂 

So, those were my favourite performances! Did you watch the Grammy awards? Which performances did you like? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Love to all ❤ 

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