My first Open Air Cinema Experience – ‘Her’ Movie Review

Living in a city that is famous for its rain and wind, I never thought my first open air cinema experience would be here but I am happy to say I finally got to attend one! An organisation called Pleinbioscoop Rotterdam has planned 19 movies to be shown on this open air cinema throughout August. I have always seen open air cinemas on TV and in movies and have always thought it would be a fun experience so when I saw the advert I decided I had to go

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One of my favourite aspects about open air cinema was that, although it was dark, the audience is still outside and so it feels as though everyone there is more comfortable reacting to the movie. When a character in the movie made a joke, people would genuinely laugh out loud. If there was a disturbing scene (which there was a couple of in Her), you could really feel everyone’s awkwardness. Unlike in a movie theatre where everyone hides from each other, in the open air cinema I felt like we were all sharing an experience by watching this movie together. Even when the rain started pouring, everyone in the audience put on a Singing in the Rain poncho and we sucked it up and finished the movie. I must admit, I am loving my new poncho and whenever it does rain I will sing in it!

singing in the rain poncho

I chose to watch the movie Her. Starring Joaquin Phoenix (Walk the Line), Amy Adams (American Hustle), Scarlett Johansson’s voice, and Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy), who are all great actors I love; I had high expectations for this movie. This was then heightened by the fact that it had 4 Oscar nominations and 1 win, needless to say, I was not disappointed. A little disturbed, yet still, not disappointed.     

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For those who haven’t seen the trailer, Theodore is a lonely man in futuristic Los Angeles who purchases an intellectual operating system who appears to have a mind of her own. Eventually he falls in love with his operating system, called Samantha, and the movie shows how their relationship plays out. In short he dates a computer. This sounds completely insane and you would think the movie would be ridiculously odd. But somehow, the creators of the movie did an amazing job in portraying the storyline from Theodore’s point of view. Rather than watching a relationship that appears to be headed for failure, I felt as though I was watching a man rediscover who he is and what he wants with his life. This movie isn’t a romantic love story but rather a story about a lost and lonely individual who, using technology learns to move on from his failed marriage and lost love. It is more of a self-discovery movie.

I will not deny it. There are some disturbing scenes such as when Theodore and his operating system make verbal love. But I did not walk away from the movie feeling “creeped out” or traumatised. Instead the movie made me smile and I grew to really like and empathize with Theodore and the way he sees the world. Overall, it is an interesting movie and I would give it a 7.5/10 🙂             

What do you think of the movie? Do you enjoy Open air cinemas? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @Lydia_Yeh 

P.S. If you are in Rotterdam and interested in seeing one of the open air cinema films go to their website here!

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