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Another month has flown by so I thought it was time I released my favourite songs of the month! There were so many great albums released in October and I still haven’t had a chance to listen to all of them! So here are 10 for you to check out. There were many other songs I loved this month (such as EW by Jimmy Fallon, I mean who doesn’t!) but I left them out because I figured you would already know them.  

10. Purple Light – Elliphant ft Doja Cat

As one of the songs on the FIFA 15 soundtrack, you might recognize this song and the singer, Elliphant. I heard this song in a playlist (more about that in my next post!) and I like that it sounds so different than most songs these days. Yet, its still catchy. 

9. The Days – Avicii

Avicii released this song just under a month ago and I can’t stop listening to it! Despite that I normally do not like Robbie Williams, I like his voice in this song. Playing this song makes me feel happy and reminds to live in the moment. As this is (probably) my last year as a student, it is important to remember these are the days we will never forget (please excuse my cheesiness hehe)

8.  Break the Cycle – You+me

When I first heard this song I thought damn, that girl sounds like Pink! Turns out, it is her! Alecia Moore (aka Pink) and Canadian musician Dallas Green created this duo to make their debut folk album called Rose Avenue. I love it and this track in particular is my favourite song off the album (which was released 2 weeks ago). I encourage you to have a listen!

7. I – Kendrick Lamar 

I like Kendrick Lamar but I have never loved his music until this song. It is quite different to his usual tracks but it is catchy and at the same time has a good message. Just like Kendrick, we should all promise to love ourselves! 

6. Scarecrow – Alex & Sierra 

After winning X Factor last year, Alex & Sierra finally released their debut album a few months ago. There are few songs that I really like including this one! If you don’t know Alex & Sierra, you should definitely check out some of their performances on X Factor (toxic, heard it through the grapevine). They are so cute together and both really talented singers!

5. Lips are Movin’ – Meghan Trainor 

The first time I heard this song when it came out a few weeks ago, I wasn’t very impressed but the more I heard it the better it got. Just like her first single All About that Bass, it is very catchy and dancy. It is the perfect song to play early in the morning while you get ready to start your day!

4. Imagine – Nico & Vinz

As I said in one of my earlier posts I was so excited for their album Black Star Elephant to be released and now it is! There are so many songs in the album I like but I decided to post this song because of its inspirational lyrics; the song is about believing in yourself and imagining all that you can become. If you like this song, you should also check out Homeless, Miracles, and Imaa Imaa!

3. Xizi She Knows – Imogen Heap 

She has been recording this album since 2011, but last month, Imogen Heap finally released her new album Sparks. I love the whole album but I particularly like this one because of the combination with traditional Chinese sounds. It adds something nice to her usual musical sound. If you like her style definitely listen to the rest of her album. You can hear the whole album on Spotify. 

2. Get Away – Jessie J 

Another incredible singer who released an album in October is Jessie J. Many of her songs are similar to Sweet Talker (which I like), but I also discovered this song and fell immediately in love with it. The slow-tempo and instrument setup really allows you to hear Jessie J’s powerful and beautiful voice. Another thing I really love about this song is that the main instrument in the background is a piano. There are very few songs left where you just hear a piano, a singer, and some backing vocals. The track feels stripped down and is simplistically beautiful and full of emotion. Listen to it and hopefully you will hear what I mean. 

1. Say Anything – Ashley Nite

This. Song. You. Must. Listen. To. It. In short, it is just so beautiful. Similar to Get Away, the music is made up of mainly piano and Ashley’s voice. I discovered this song during an episode of the Vampire Diaries (it really has an amazing soundtrack!). For those of you who watch it, it is that heartbreaking moment when Stefan walks away from Caroline after her emotional speech. Anyway, I love the emotions in the melody and the song. I didn’t know Ashley Nite before this song but from now on, I will definitely keep an eye out for her name! For anyone interested, she is the lead singer in a band called Reign. Look them up on YouTube, they are not bad! For the spotify users, unfortunately this song is not on spotify. 

I would love to hear which songs you liked, disliked, or if you have any recommendations, let me know in the comments below. I appreciate any comments and feedback! 

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Love to all! ❤ 

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