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Firstly, I apologize for not posting in so long, I greatly underestimated the work load of my masters, but as I am now 21 (and hence much wiser), I have gotten my life sorted and am ready to post (much) more regularly. I have some great ideas for new posts so stay tuned folks! 

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Despite being busy, there were many songs in September that I was addicted to and probably overplayed. I have chosen my top 10 to share with you here:


Although my playlist is September songs, this one is actually over a year old. However, I recently found it in a Spotify playlist and could not stop playing it. Its a great song to play to get pumped before going out or to play at a house party. Either way, check it out. 

9. Mama Said – The Shirelles

So if you thought the last song was old, this one is from 1961. Again, a song I recently discovered based on a recommendation. It is very old school but I love it! Its catchy and always makes me smile. 

8. Home – Dotan 

This song came out a few months ago, but the reason I did not overplay it earlier is because I never knew who the artist was. Every time I heard the song on the radio I would sing along but for some reason, I never searched for it. Until one day, I was trying to guess who the singer was. First, I thought it was Bastille or even One republic and when I found it wasnt it took me ages to find the song… but hard work pays off and I found it! So here it is, for anyone else who never knew who this song was by, it is Dotan!

7. La La Latch – Pentatonix

Finally a song that was actually released in September! I am a huge fan of Pentatonix and all their covers and I love mashups so all I can say is this video is awesome! I am also a big fan of Sam Smith and the combination of these two songs was really well done.

6. Superheroes – The Script 

The Script is another band that I admire. This song is their first single off their new album No Sound Without Silence. If you are a fan of their music, you will love their new album! As usual, I love the lyrics they have written and even the album name I think is well thought of. 

5. Shake it Off – Taylor Swift

When I first saw that Taylor had released a new song, I wasn’t too excited to be honest, but I decided to give the song a try and from the first moment I loved it! I haven’t been enthusiastic about her songs in a while but this one is so catchy and happy that you can’t not love it. To top it off its a great song against haters so if anyone is getting on your nerves just shake it off.

4. Life of the Party – Shawn Mendes

There is a lot of discussion about this new artist (as there always is when a young Canadian singer is discovered off social media), but all that aside, I like this song. It is relatively slow, very pop-y but still quite catchy. I especially like the rhythm of the drums.

3. All About that Bass – Meghan Trainor

If you haven’t heard this song before, where have you been the last few months?? This song has been played by radio stations everywhere and despite being Meghan’s first single is crazy popular. It is a great song with an even greater message. It is so upbeat, catchy, and addictive that I cant not play it. Plus, it is a great shower song.

2. In Your Arms – Nico & Vinz  

Most people know their first single, Am I wrong but I actually prefer this song. It is a little less catchy but a really nice song to listen to. I also really like the video. This duo’s album Black Star Elephant is being released in less than two weeks and I am very excited to hear more from these talented two!

1. Cool Kids – Echosmith

I love love love this song! The message behind the lyrics together with the great melody makes it hard not to like. As my favourite song of the month, I definitely had this song on replay for a long time. I recommend you all to have a listen. The song was actually released a year ago but due to its recent popularity, the band created an official music video just recently. I look forward to discovering more music from Echosmith!

So, those were my favourite songs of the past month. I hope you find some songs you enjoy too. Let me know which ones you liked, disliked, or recommendations in the comments below and I will check them out! Also, I realise many of the songs from this month were quite top10-y and I will try to include more hidden songs next month.

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Love to all! ❤ 

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