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Hey there! Can you believe it’s already Monday again? Time is flying, but I am getting by with a little help from my music (and my friends). Check out these 5 song recommendations, maybe you know some of them! 

1. See You Again – Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth 

Last week I recommended 3 songs to make you smile. This week my first (and favourite) song of the week might make you shed a tear. This song is off the Furious 7 soundtrack and as you probably know, is dedicated to Paul Walker, the beautiful man who passed away over a year ago. If you listen carefully to the lyrics, see the clips from the video, and remember the Fast and Furious movies, it is hard to not get emotional. Despite sniffling every time I hear the song, I think it is a great song! and if you still aren’t convinced, listen to Vin Diesel’s version of the song:

2. Can’t Say No – Dan + Shay

I love these two country boys! This song is another one of their cute tracks off their album Where It All Began. All their songs are really sweet and nice to relax to. 

3. Can’t Help – Parachute 

This song is from 2013, but I recently re-discovered it. I love most of Parachute songs and although they haven’t released anything new lately, I still enjoy listening to their old songs. 

4. Little Numbers – BOY

This German/Swiss duo released this song in 2011. It got famous for being featured in an airline company’s advertisement. However, I recently found this song from a Spotify playlist and really liked it, so I thought I would share it.

5. 真實 (Real) – i.o. 樂團

People who know me know that I am half-Taiwanese. This week I decided I would also recommend a song from Taiwan. It is an old song from 2011 but  I still really like it. 雖然這首歌不是新歌, 但是我最近重新找到了這團體.

 I hope you liked my recommendations. If you have any for me, comment below! 

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Love to all ❤ 

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