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My close friends know that I am a major TV series addict. For those who don’t know me, you may be shocked to know that I am currently watching 36 shows and there are plenty more that I wish I was watching. Maybe one day I will disclose that list, but for now, let’s look at my tips for all you TV addicts:

1. Keep track of your shows with an app 

Many people often ask me how I can keep up with when my shows are playing and where I am if I fall behind. Well, that is easy, some very smart people have realised the stress that watching many TV shows can bring about and created apps that do that for you. If you have an iPhone, I recommend downloading tv show tracker 3

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This amazing app was created by David Attias. If you have any trouble with the app, you can also contact him on Twitter and he tends to be pretty fast at fixing things. The great thing about this app is that not only does it let you tick off the episodes you have seen, but it also gives you a calender of when your shows are playing. This is perfect for people like me because I can never keep up with when shows are returning or on a break etc.

2. Use when starting a new show

This sounds pretty obvious and straightforward but I have noticed that many people associate the website with movies and actors/actresses and not so much TV shows. is useful in various scenarios. Firstly, if you are thinking of starting a new show, check the score and trailer on IMDB first. Sometimes I hear about a show and think hmmm could be interesting, then I check the IMDB score and that influences my decision. I know that some people don’t like to judge a show before watching it but I personally tend to agree (to some extent) with the scores there. Another reason I like IMDB is because I often also choose shows based on the actors and actresses. If they have played in something else I previously liked that can trigger my interest to try the show and that is something IMDB can tell me pretty quickly. Finally, if you search for a show and scroll down, just above the cast list is a wonderful section called “People who liked this also liked…” and it usually includes some pretty good/similar recommendations. 

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If you, like me, watch many shows it is possible that you are already watching most of the recommendations. However, if that is the case, this section becomes very useful when you are looking at a potential new show because you can see which existing shows are similar to it. That way if you see many shows you like, then you will likely like this one too. 

3. Subscribe to the YouTube channels of TV Networks

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Many of the network companies such as the CW, ABC Family, HBO etc. have YouTube channels where they post promos, previews, interviews etc. which can be really interesting to watch. I personally don’t like to watch the weekly promos because I feel they give too much away but season previews tend to remind you of what happened in the previous season. Also the channels will remind you when your favourite shows are returning soon which builds up the hype and excitement. Sometimes individual shows also have their own channels which you can subscribe to. The channels sometimes offer cool behind the scenes looks or makings of which I personally think are interesting to watch.     

4. Follow the main cast and producers on social media

If you really like a certain show, it can be fun to follow the main cast on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram etc. for a look behind the scenes. For example, if you like Arrow, follow Stephen Amell and Paul Blackthorne on Facebook. They always post cool photos and even regularly have campaigns for charity. Similarly, Supernatural fans can follow Jensen, Jared, and Misha.

If you are a fan of Pretty Little Liars, almost the entire cast has snapchat and while they are filming they often post what goes on behind the scenes. Shay: officialshaym Ashley: benzo33 Keegan: lifelovebeautyb Troian: gaia17 Tyler: thetblackburn Marlene: imarleneking If you want to find a celebrity’s snapchat username you can always google it or check their other social media to find them.

For Arrow and The Flash fans you can also follow the writers and producers of the shows on Twitter. To name but a few: @ArrowWritersRoom @FlashTVwriters Marc Guggenheim Greg Berlanti

gregberlanti tweet

This also holds for the Vampire Diaries and the Originals. The list goes on for many shows and many social media sites and honestly there are so many I don’t check them regularly but I think they are just fun extras to have when you love a show.

julieplect tweet

5. Check out blogs (like mine!) and news sites

If you like to know what is happening in the world of entertainment there are various websites and blogs you can read to stay up to date. You are off to a great start if you are reading this blog now but subscribing can make sure you never miss a post *shameless self-promotion*. Websites that I read are Variety, the Hollywood Reporter, and Business Insider Entertainment. There are many others but those are the ones I check regularly.

variety cover

*Warning: on those websites (and their social media sites) if you are not up to date on shows beware of spoilers. One thing I cannot stand about those websites is how the titles of their posts tend to already give away something. Last week I saw “Did *insert show* really kill off that character?” and yes they don’t tell you who but the fact that you know someone is going to die is already annoying if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

So, those are my tips. What do you think? Let me know if you have any additional tips that you think would be nice to share with TV fanatics like me! Follow me on Twiter @thelydiareview and subscribe by clicking the button on the left! 

Love to all ❤ 

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